Timbuktu launches Colors to involve children in urban planning

Here’s the video that sums up our Bay Area pilot of Timbuktu Colors, a toolkit that allows any community to co-design and build new playable spaces for children everywhere. Enjoy!

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Los Angeles, December 8th 2015

Timbuktu Labs, the children’s media innovation lab based in LA, will build 3 innovative play spaces across some of the most economically challenged Bay Area communities, in partnership with Zynga.org and the YMCA.

The name of the project is “Timbuktu Colors” and is part of  “PLAY 60, Play On”, an initiative presented by 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation in partnership with KaBoom! The initiative will be implemented in the months leading up to Super Bowl 50, the 50th edition of the Super Bowl in American Football, to be hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area in February 2016.

“We are thrilled to be part of this initiative”, said Timbuktu Labs’ co-founder and Creative Director, Francesca Cavallo. “Transforming learning at the intersection of community, design and technology has always been at the core of our mission and we couldn’t be happier to have such great partners to implement this vision”.

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Timbuktu Labs will work closely with Bay Area local communities to co-design playable spaces around sidewalks, abandoned playgrounds, and empty parking lots. The goal is to transform even the smallest of places in a playable opportunity, so that active play can be an easy choice for families of all backgrounds throughout the normal routines of the day.

“We will work with each community to co-design a unique playable space over the course of one weekend”, continued Francesca Cavallo. “Every play space will be different, responding to the specific constraints of the location and the specific needs of the community. We believe that if you give a community a playground they will be happy for 5 years, but if you teach them how to build one they will be inspired for a lifetime”.

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Timbuktu Labs first presented the project for Timbuktu Colors at the 2014 Bordeaux Biennale of Architecture, where it was awarded with the First Special Mention. The project is rooted in Timbuktu Labs’ vision of play as the center of a democratic process through which any community can come together and learn how to drive decisions about its future.

“This is just the first step”, explained Timbuktu Labs’ founder and CEO Elena Favilli, “our big vision for Timbuktu Colors is to create an open source toolkit that can be used by any community to create their own play space. We’re disrupting the common belief according to which only élites can make change happen. We’re basically cultivating change agents through play”.

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Photo Credit: Michel Mendiboure