News for kids: combining information and imagination

Children love to be involved in what is happening around them. They love to do “grown-ups stuff”, and they happen to suffer from the fact that grown-ups don’t take them seriously enough. They look so cute when they discuss grown-ups issues, that we laugh at their ideas (even if with good intentions) and just don’t consider them credible enough to have a proper conversation about certain topics.

This is something that we’re trying to change with our titles. We believe that taking kids seriously, and being able to laugh with them, not of them, can have a huge potential to make the world a better place.

One of the difficult things to do is not to cross that thin, important line between facts, and imagination. If we give too much information, too much importance to facts, we risk to kill children’s ability to imagine things differently.

This is why from tomorrow you’ll find “News of the week” on Timbuktu.

A new section where kids can read the news, and draw them. A weekly space to work on that important intersection between reality and imagination, that could make us all happier, healthier people. We said it’s for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try! We did it…

Starting from tomorrow, weekly, on Timbuktu.