When girls have too much fun


“Mustang” is a wonderful movie.

It’s in theaters now and if you haven’t yet, you should really go watch it.

It’s the beginning of the summer, last day of school.

In a small village in northern Turkey, Lale and her four sisters dash down to the beach to frolic in the Black Sea with a few of their male classmates. They splash and swim and engage in playful fights.

When they return home, their freedom is gone.

An elderly neighbor saw them playing with the boys and found it depraved.

“Everyone is talking about your obscene behavior!” , their grandmother shouts.

The family home slowly turns into a prison.

Classes on housework and cooking replace school, shapeless frocks replace normal clothes.

Not contact with the outside world is allowed.

Marriages begin to be arranged.

“Mustang” is a powerful movie (and an Oscar nominee for best foreign language film).

It’s a straightforward story of sisterhood and female empowerment and a timeless reflection on patriarchal oppression: it could be 20 years ago, it could be this week.

It reminds us, yet one more time, that girls, no matter where they are from, are still not allowed to give their freedom for granted.

And that fun is never trivial.