Monsters at the toy store!

You know what makes us really happy (and probably does you too)? Beautiful toy stores.

Even better: toy stores full of innovative design and technology, like JouJou Toy Store, in Utah, where the rebranding exercise lead by Struck went much beyond the typical revamping. The agency transformed the shop into an entertainment destination itself, with an environment full of amazing creations that seem to have come directly from a child’s imagination.

The shop is full of things like colorful flying machines, candy towers…

Pictures via Struck

… and a monster wall! A monster wall? What kind of monster wall?

The most awesome kind, of course: an animated monster wall to entertain (and scare a bit) all the shop’s visitors.

Designed by Plenty and Struck, the wall hosts ten monsters who live inside LED screens. And once movement is detected near them – aha! – come to life. What an exponential increase of the fun factor!

We really want to go check out the store right now. Have you been there? Or do you know a toy store that’s even more amazing? Let us know!

glen soikie
glen soikie

i wish we had this when i was growing up


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