Children teach grammar to a wiener dog!

In the new version of Timbuktu Magazine (that we launched a few days ago) not only did we implement a subscription and a grown-ups zone for IAP purchases, but we also introduced an amazing group of characters to help children learn Common Core State Standards skills, with a twist.

The idea here is that children learn better if they feel involved in a great story they can relate to. This is why we created a set of characters who live together in the city of Timbuktu. Each of our characters is related to a particular subject, and the relationships between them become a way to break the walls between different subjects and create an engaging environment where kids can learn through the adventures of their favorite character!

Today, we want to introduce you to Betty, a girl wiener dog, passionate about skateboarding, who keeps a diary on Timbuktu Magazine. The only problem is that Betty’s grammar is pretty bad. Children have to help her correct the mistakes she does on her diary, and help her improve the quality of her writing.¬†What’s revolutionary about this?

Children feel like teachers, not learners. They feel responsible for Betty’s performance, thus more engaged than they are when they have to make exercises and fill out blank spaces on a worksheet.

What does this content look like? First of all, like every secret diary, children have to enter a password to open it (their name!).


Second, they read the diary and find the mistakes to correct.



And of course, they have to correct mistakes!


photo 2

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