Learn how to make pizza from scratch at the Children’s Creativity Museum

Those who don’t like pizza, please raise their hand. I know, I know. That was easy. Who doesn’t like pizza? But, today we want to tell you about something that’s even better than eating pizza. Making pizza. From scratch. At the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco!


On June 15th at noon, the Timbuktu team is going to run a pizza making party for 5-12 yo kids at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. We’ll bring all the ingredients and teach you how to make a pizza from scratch. After the workshop, you can take your pizza home, bake it and eat it! Reserve your spot here, it’s a free workshop!

What’s the party for? We’re celebrating the launch of our newest app: Oscar Pizza Chef! With Oscar Pizza Chef kids (and parents) can learn how to make 10 Classic Italian Pizzas!

Want to come prepared? Download Oscar Pizza Chef and let us know which of the pizzas you and your kids would like to make shooting an email at hello@timbuktu.me!

Oscar Pizza Chef Timbuktu

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