DIY Christmas tree ornaments to make with your kids

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best parts of Christmas. You can pick a theme, or use all the decorations your family has collected during the years and, once it’s done, add a final touch by making a few new scented decorations in your kitchen.

These cinnamon applesauce ornaments, for instance (NOT to be eaten, ha!), are simple to make and will leave in your house a cozy smell of cinnamon. Plus, you can easily make them with your kids, they will love helping you out with this. Here’s the recipe:

1 –  Take three cups of applesauce and three cups of ground cinnamon.

2 – Mix them together till you get a thick dough: if it’s too sticky, add a bit more cinnamon, if it’s too dry, more applesauce.

3 – Flatten the dough and cut it with Christmas cookie cutters, or let your kids cut them in the shape they prefer, just remember to make a little hole with a toothpick for the ribbon.

4 – Let the “cookies” dry for two or three days, then decorate them as you like : glitter is great, and so are buttons, ribbons, paint. And remember: they do smell good, but they are NOT eatable (make this clear to the kids too!).

5 –  Hang them on the tree, and enjoy the delicious smell and cute sight.

You can make these ornaments again every year as they are a fun activity to do with your kids, but they do keep pretty well, so you can also store them for next year if you prefer. Happy decorating!



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