OK, ladies, now let’s get in formation

We just can’t stop watching Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. Can you?

She nonchalantly dropped a new black power/black girl anthem in front of 100 million viewers.

Just, wow. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

She entered the stage surrounded by a phalanx of female dancers wearing Black Panthers uniforms and praised her Southern black roots, her “negro” nose and her child’s afro with a song – “Formation” – hailed as unapologetically black.

She took a stand for black people, and especially for black women who have been erased and neglected from history for far too long.

She catapulted herself at the intersection of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Feminist Movement. Such was the power of her performance.

The brilliant music video that matches the song (kudos to the director Melina Matsoukas!) is just as dense with cultural messaging, including allusions to Hurricane Katrina and police brutality.

And the lyrics, well, you’re probably going to see a lot of them on t-shirts and social media profiles.

You probably guessed our favorite already 😉

What’s yours?