And the winner is…

Dear friends,

Last week we launched a competition to find a name to this red guy:

with your help, we found one! Let us introduce you to Oscar Forrester! The winner of the competition is Jennifer from Chicago. Congratulations, Jennifer!

But there is more! When we asked Jennifer what t-shirt she wanted to receive, she told us she was worried that the other participants would be sad if they didn’t get anything. So she asked us if we could give a t-shirt to all the people who tried to find a name for Oscar. Could we say ‘no’ to the winner? We couldn’t.

So, please: dear participants, thank Jennifer! She was very thoughtful. And send us an email telling us which tee you want (size and favorite vampire) and your address at, writing “Oscar Forrester” in the subject line.

Meanwhile, on Timbuktu, we’re starting to reveal the new characters, Oscar Forrester’s friends! Did you check them out? Do it now!