5 ideas to have fun with your family at Christmas

The holidays are near and so is your family reunion? Are you looking for ways for both children and grown-ups to have fun? Here are five fun ideas, crafts and activities to have fun with kids and family on Christmas, share yours too!

1 – Decorate the house together

There are endless options when it comes to Christmas decorations for your house, and shops are full of them. However, few ornaments will give you the joy of the ones you make yourself. We already shared the recipe to make fantastic cinnamon and appleasauce ornaments (not for eating, mind you!), but something else you can do if you don’t have much time are these colorful paper ornaments – use a stapler instead of the hole punch and thinner paper, so they are easier and the whole family will enjoy making these decorations.

2 – Prepare sweets for the neighborhood

One of the best things about Christmas are all the different sweets that you only get to eat once a year. How about making some to share with the neighbors too? It’s a great way to spread the Christmas Spirit all around you. We recommend you involve the kids too: they will love to use Timbuktu’s  illustrated recipes (remember, they are all FREE this month!) and make orangettes, or gingerbread cookies.

3 – Organize a Christmas karaoke session

Christmas songs are great fun, and so is singing them! Get the family together, invite friends and neighbors and let the karaoke show begin: not only will you have great fun singing, but this is a great way to help your kids exercise reading!

4 – Stage a Christmas play

Get your kids and their friends to act and prepare a play with them. You can use the wonderful kit to stage your own Nutcracker you will find on Timbuktu in a few days. And speaking of which, have you seen the first two episodes of The Nutcracker on Timbuktu? Check them out here and here, if you haven’t yet.

5 – Play, play, play!

Playing games is fun all the time, and particularly at Christmas during family reunions! It’s a great way to involve both kids and grown-ups in the same activities, and we promise you that even those who will initially resist playing will have great fun if you push them to join! Of course you can play charades or pictionary the entire time, but if you get bored you can also take funny pictures using Christmas props – if you do, share them with us too!

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro

For an additional play/fun pictures idea for parents and middle school/high school students: Select 4 or 5 parent/student teams. Blindfold the students. Have each of the parents write a one word description of how they would describe the student on a white board or 8.5 by 11 (or A2) sheet of Matte paper. Take a photo of the parent and blindfolded student holding the white board or paper. Next, have the students try to figure out what is written on the white board. Repeat this activity only this time the parent has to write a one word description of how the student would want the parent to describe them. Have the students figure out what the parent wrote. For a third round, have the parent write a one word description of how the student would describe them. Again, have the student figure out what the parent wrote. Award prizes to the winning team, the team which smiled the most, etc. Ron