5 dollhouses that will make you go “wow!”

There is something utterly special about dollhouses. They are authentic wonders, and seem to hold perfect little lives in them – they are great toys, sure, ready for all sort of adventure to happen inside them, but they are also amazing objects, that hold their fascination intact much after you’ve grown up.

Ancient, new, designed by architects, made by artists and moms: here are five amazing ones, for you to dream of them in utter awe.

1 – Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

Sir Edwin Lutyens was one of the most prominent architects in the 1920s. So much so that he designed and planned a city, and not just any city: he planned built New Delhi, in India. But he wasn’t only interested in huge cities, he could work very well in small spaces too – very small, like Queen Mary’s Dollhouse.

You know what’s the best part of this amazing dollhouse? The library! It’s full of real, tiny books. The dollhouse is at Winsor Castle and can be visited through a virtual tour here

2 – Roominate

Much more than a simple dollhouse, Roominate is one of our favorite educational toys from 2012. A dollhouse that will turn girls into future engineers, Roominate doesn’t only have tiny furnitures and pink things: it has wires to put together. It’s a great exercise in making something that will get the children who play with it passionate about how things work.

3 – Frida Kahlo Studio Dollhouse

Cuban artist Elsa Mora wanted to teach her daughter about Frida Kahlo, so she built a dollhouse reproducing the famous artist’s studio. It has a tiny gorgeous lace bed, paintings, books and other wonders. It’s pretty awesome.

4 – A dollhouse inside a guitar

Lorrain Reddit of Fairy Meadow Miniatures has built this dollhouse inside an acoustic guitar. Say wow.


5 – The Hobbit hole dollhouse

Not only someone created a dollhouse reproducing Tolkien’s Hobbit’s hole, but that someone is a mom (of twins)! She handmade the entire hole following the details in the book; the dollhouse is now for hire, and the profits go to charity.

Nicola O'Connor
Nicola O'Connor

Do you know about Tara's Palace, Ireland's largest 24 roomed Georgian Period Dollhouse?