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It's summer, let's make an app!

The first app for kids, by kids!

Created during Timbuktu Summer
Camp 2013!

Experience school on the moon!

About Us

We have a strong passion for cutting edge design, game-changing education, kites and large families.

Elena Favilli Founder and CEO

Elena grew up in Tuscany playing soccer with a very defensive cow. She graduated in Semiotics from Bologna University and studied Journalism at U.C. Berkeley. She abandoned her career as a foreign politics reporter to be where the wild things are.

Francesca Cavallo Co-Founder and Creative Director

Francesca has always been a rebellious kid. Her hair testifies to it. She grew up in sunny Puglia. Eventually, she became a stage director and a prizewinner playwright. She specialized in the relationship between pedagogy and contemporary theater.

Trevor Lundeen Front-end Developer

Known among friends as Lundeeni, for his seemingly magic ability with anything electronic, Trevor has over 10 years of front-end experience and a passion for any and all things tech.

Samuele Motta Art Director and UI Designer

Samuele grew up in a kitchen that looked like a garden, crowded with tomatoes and his dad's cute bees. He studied visual design and worked as Assistant Professor at “Politecnico di Milano”. He worked for many fashion and interior design magazines.

Erica Capanni Chief Growth Hacker

Erica spent her childhood counting sheep backwards. Graduated in Statistics, she was allowed to work for all major Italian fashion brands without wearing a suit. At Timbuktu, she gets users and plays the piano.

Our Method

We work at the intersections of design, education and technology. We help parents discover the world with their kids.

Imagination: we promote imagination as a tool to know, understand and change the world around us.

Communication: we empower communication between children and grown-ups, because we believe we can build the future only by cooperating with those who own it.

Beauty: we believe that beautifully designed technology enhances children's sensitivity towards the awesomeness of the universe.

Creativity: we understand creativity as a fundamental skill to have an impact on the world around us. That's when you see the potentials of reality, rather than its limits.

Simplicity: we keep our products simple. Interactivity is always functional to our top quality content, we don't cover poor stories in flashes and sounds.

Respect: we encourage mutual respect and reciprocal inspiration among generations, because we believe it's time for education to stop being hierarchical.

Quality: we offer our readers products that are tested both by our users and by our pedagogical consultants. Our first priority is quality both for entertainment and education.

Love: we are madly in love with what we do. Helping children's voices to be heard and grown-ups to keep on growing is our passion, and it makes us feel very proud.

Honesty: we know that being parents is a hard task these days. We do not idealize families, but rather encourage parents to be true to themselves and to their children. This is why we put all our efforts into creating products that are really fun to share!

Courage: we try new things. We're tired of coloring books, and believe that children deserve innovation as much as we do. This is why we spend a lot of time designing and testing new content and new ways to deliver it to you.



Creative, subtle, and pretty - Timbuktu teaches kids lessons about growing up subtly, creatively, and beautifully. Music, words, video, and interaction make the experience varied and interesting. Most interesting, however, is how they've managed to make it enjoyable for adults as well using good design, high production value, and the right content.


Great fun for kids and grown ups - Beautiful, interesting, playful and intuitive.


Wow - The best app for kids! And for parents too. Bravo!

Ludvik Herrera

Truly an amazing art app not only for kids, but everyone! - I have downloaded several of the top magazine apps and several Apps for kids, Timbuktu is without a doubt the most interesting, fun and entertaining educational and artistic App out there so far. It is free and is better in many ways than magazines like Wired, Project, et cetera.


Back-end Developer

We are looking for a C# .net engineer, for a mixed development/operation position. Our ideal candidate will monitor and adjust our Amazon AWS environment; configure and deploy new instances; troubleshoot and fix system issues; analyze and solve bottlenecks; develop new features. Please include a resume and at least three references.

Internship - Social Media Editor

Internships at Timbuktu are hectic, fun, and paid. Interns gain experience with social media editing, creative writing, proof-reading, and gnocco fritto. If you're interested, send a brief email discussing relevant experience, why Timbuktu, your favorite children's book, and when you'd be available. Please include a resume. Interns must be at least eighteen years old and native English speakers.

General Application

Timbuktu is always looking for talented writers, illustrators, and publishers to partner with. If what we do makes you smile, get in touch.

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