Top five teachers in “children” movies.

Because we are still in an excited back-to-school mood, we made a list of our favorite teachers in children movies. Which ones did we forget? Which are your favorite?

5 – George Lopez, of “Etre et Avoir.”

If you haven’t watched “Etre et Avoir” (To Be and To Have), do it now. It’s the adorable story of a small (really small, one-room small!) school in rural France, where kids between 4 and 11 are educated by one loving and dedicated teacher – he is a real person, so double respect.

4 – Jiminy Cricket.

We know, he is not exactly a teacher, but Jiminy Cricket is pretty awesome nevertheless and deserves a spot in this list. Especially since he explained the five sense in this video – it counts as a lesson:

3 – Mr. Miyagi of “Karate Kid.”

“We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate, that my part. You promise learn. I say, you do, no questions, that your part.” Need we add more? What a legend.

2. Merlin, in “The Sword in the Stone.”

Not only Merlin is probably the funnest wizard of all times and a great teacher (see evidence below), he’s also the only one to have acknowledged the importance of creating a spell to do the dishes and tidy up!

1 – Hogwarts Staff.

Although a few of Harry Potter’s teachers weren’t exactly good, the others sure made up for them. Check this useful wiki for details about all of Harry Potter’s professors, and here is a little video with one of our favorite quotes by Professor McGonagall (at the end) , who is the best!