Top five scariest scenes in classic children’s movies.

Did you think we were done with scary Halloween stuff? Mistake! After the top five scariest books for kids, here is another Halloween top five: the scariest scenes in classic children movies.


#5 The crazed boat ride in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl, already featured in the top five scary books, is here again, albeit in a movie adaptation of his book! We are convinced there is no better way to open our top five than this properly freaky psychedelic sequence.

#4 Dumbo’s pink elephants

And talking about psychedelic scenes, do you remember the scary visions of drunk Dumbo? Rather unsettling.

#3 The child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This must be the best endorsement of the message “don’t take candies from strangers” ever. Seriously, stay away from the ice-cream y’all!

#2 The winged monkeys attack in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Flying monkeys that kidnap girls – whoever came up with that knew well how to scare a child. Or at least it worked well with us.

#1 Snow White’s escape in the haunted forest

We think this remains (and will forever remain) the most frightening scene ever seen in a child’s movie. Come on, tree branches with hands and wooden crocodiles in a puddle! This caused many nightmares, we hope not to us alone (yes, that’s a little selfish, but Halloween is not the holiday when you are supposed to be good).