Top 15 posts on Timbuktu in 2012

It’s nearly the end of the year, and not any year: 2012 has been the first year of our blog, and an incredible year for Timbuktu! As part of the celebrations, we made a little roundup of our most popular blog post this year. So, whether you are a new friend or you’ve been supporting us from the beginning, here are our  most popular posts of 2012 – let us know which are your favorite, and what you’d like to read more about!

1 – Funniest letters to Santa Claus ever!

This was it! Our selection of 10 really funny letters written by kids to Santa Claus was a holiday success, proving that all the parents and adults reading this blog still remember they were children once, and enjoy a laugh.

2 – Amazing collection of rare children’s books

The Library of Congress has an amazing collection of rare children books, and they can all be seen online – page by page! It’s absolutely incredible, check it out.

 3 – 12 golden rules to design awesome apps for kids

The more we work on Timbuktu, the more we learn about the world of app for children. After being at 500 Startup for a couple of months, we felt we had a few tips to share: from being courageous to respecting parents, here are our guidelines to make great apps for kids.

4- Best. Playgrounds. Ever.

Discovering these amazing playgrounds just before the beginning of summer made our day, week, maybe month! They are designed and built by Monstrum in Danmark and may well be every child (and parent)’s dream. You all enjoyed reading about them too, so here you go again.

5 – All the colors of learning!

France isn’t only the home of the school with the giraffe inside, but of the most colorful school we’ve ever seen. We dare you not be a little jealous of the kids who learn in there, and of the parents who get to pick them up from color-land every day.

6 – Timbuktu wins Best Design at Launch Conference!

So many of you supported us with enthusiasm when we announced our participation to Launch conference, and maybe even more shared our happiness when we were awarded the Best Design prize in June. It was absolutely fantastic, as you can see by our happy faces in the picture!

7 – Meet the World’s Best Father

In September we discovered someone who was going to quickly become a bit of a celebrity, and cause a few issues in all the dads out there: the world’s best father. Him and his daughter now have a calendar, so you can look at them all year if you need parenting inspiration.

8 – Healthy illustrated recipes for parents and kids

After months of work and research, the brand new Timbuktu came out in November! The new app has a lot of surprises, included the many delicious and fun illustrated recipes to cook with your kids we presented here.

9 – What are you doing to promote gender equality in your family?

When Hasbro decided to give in to the demands of 13-year-old petitioner and make a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven, we discussed the role of toys in reinforcing, or changing, gender stereotypes. It’s something we are very interested in, and we received some really interesting opinions from the blog’s readers.

10  – Timbuktu hit the top 5 in the US App Store!

This is when Timbuktu was featured as one of the new and noteworthy apps in education by the US app store! It was pretty sweet.

11 – 5 things you need to know about kids and iPads

And finally, we wrote about something we are quite familiar with: children and iPads. We know iPads are very popular Christmas presents and we share with you five things you need to know before letting your kids use the iPad (which you most definitely should do!). This has already become one of our readers favorite posts, we are curious to know what are your experiences with kids and iPads!

12 – Top 15 parenting blogs

This is our selection of 15 favorite parenting blogs – as usual, we are keen to know which ones you prefer, do tell!

13 – Best indie songs for kids

Everybody let’s rock! This selection of kindie songs – indie songs for kids – was a total hit, check out these tunes.

14 – 25 things your parents said to you, and you’ll say to your kids

From “What did I tell you?” to “You’ll understand when you’ll have kids,” a collection of some of the things your parents told you when you were kids and you’ll definitely, at some point, tell your kids too.

15 – In Chicago, kids build their own Christmas gifts

We like cardboard and we like imagination and so do our readers: this video showing kids making their own toys out of cardboard at Chicago Children’s Museum shop was one of our – and your – favorite this year and deserves to be watched again!