Top 15 parenting blogs

Parenting blogs are a great resource for those who, like us, are passionate about kids, families, education and keeping up with the latest issues, tips and cool finds. We have a rather long blog roll and we selected our top 15 to share with you. Let us know if we forgot any of your favorites!

1 – Cool Mom Picks

Cool Mom Picks is a great resource of anything cool that’s kid-related: designs, crafts, and other ideas are available for you to do fun things with your kids. There’s also their sister blog focused on tech, with apps, gadgets and tech – what’s not to love!

2 – Playground Dad

Playground Dad is a must-read for – you guessed it – dads. Whether you are a single dad, or just one trying to spend as much quality time as possible with your kids, this blog is full of great tips and interesting posts. From activities to do with kids to car reviews to how McDonald’s french fries are made, Playground Dad covers all aspects of a dad’s life and is an interesting read for moms too.

3 – Mammasaurus… & Co. 

Annie Spratt, the blogger behind Mammasaurus, manages several different blogs aside from her famous personal one. From geekery for kids to food, crafts, and design: there is something for everyone. Plus – a big plus – each blog has an unique, lovely design, something we always appreciate.

4 – Actually Mummy

With recipes, children’s books reviews, and contests, Actually Mummy is much more than the diary of a loquacious schoolgirl it presents itself as. But even just reading about family life (and life in general) from the perspective of a little girl makes the blog fun – or, rather, funee – and worth checking out.

5 – Beccarama

Rebecca Levey’s Beccarama is another great resource. We find it particularly interesting because it often covers topics that connect family, technology, education, and kids – exactly what we are most passionate about! The blog also talks about issues related to maternity and has many practical tips – it’s a must-bookmark, especially for moms.

6 – Studio Mothers

Seriously, looking at the colorful header is enough to like this blog, isn’t it? Studio Mommy is one of our favorite reads when it comes to creativity, kids, and moms. With interesting ideas on how to stay creative for mothers and creative ideas to solve all sort of issues with kids, this blog is sure to inspire you.


7 – 2 Wired 2 Tired

Two wired kids and two tired parents is the premise behind this parenting and family blog. The topics of 2 Wired 2 Tired cover family life, travel, gadget reviews, and everything in between, plus this blog a good place to find giveaways too!


8 – Busy Mom

Although it hasn’t been updated recently (we hope will be soon!), Busy Mom offers a precious glimpse into a mother’s life and is full of tested advice for parenting. We like reading about this mother’s life and her family: by following her posts, it’s easy to feel like you know them all!

 9 – Dad-O-Matic

After a busy mom, a Dad-O-Matic is what you need! Really great parenting tips – check out the latest on life skills we forget to teach our kids. The “Education” section is probably our favorite, it covers education as a whole, going much beyond just school.

10 – On-The-Go Momma

If you are wondering how to keep up with motherly duties and still enjoy life, this is a good read for you! On-The-Go Momma manages both brilliantly: as a mom of three and wife to one, she shares her life, stories, and advice for you. Don’t miss it.

 11 – Not a Bad Dad

It’s not because they just published a lovely review of Timbuktu that they makes them one of our favorites, we promise (although that made us love the blog even more)! Not a Bad Dad is a dad-focused blog sharing knowledge (of many kinds) for fathers. The layout is refreshingly minimal, and the posts – ranging from kids fashion to celebrity dads – are interesting and well curated. We bet many moms have a look too.

12 – Role Mommy

There’s more for busy moms! Really great food tips, advice, and support for the moms who think that the day never has enough hours (that’s about every mom, isn’t it?) can be found on Role Mommy. There are recipes, reviews, and more: definitely a blog to bookmark and keep checking.

13 – Savvy Sassy Moms

As the name suggests, Savvy Sassy Moms is all about style! For moms who care about a fashionable motherhood and even more fashionable kids, this is the place to go (excellent Etsy scouting too!).

14 – Ivonne in L.A.

Ivonne is one of the founders of the great Moms L.A., and her personal blog is a great read. Something we particularly appreciate are the science and culture related posts – she gets her kids interested, and by following her stories and tips, you can get your kids excited about science and culture too – very important!

15 – Design Mom

Design Mom is a favorite for many reasons. First of all, there’s a wide range of topics, such as instructions on how to tie the perfect bow and different reviews. In addition to ideas on artsy crafts and great activities for kids, the design of the blog is so neat and elegant. Finally, what tops it off is the author’s backstory: a New Yorker moves to the French countryside to live as a designer, wife, and mother of six! You must check it out.

.And an extra, for Portoguese speakers: Garatujas Fantasticas

Amazingly colorful and always full of the most artistic and creative projects for kids from all over the world: opening Garatujas Fantasticas is like traveling to a new, bright world for children. An experience we definitely recommend!

Kate F. (@katefineske)
Kate F. (@katefineske)

Thank You so much for highlighting my personal blog here. I am so happy that others enjoy the stories I share there! Looking forward to checking out the other blogs listed above!