Top 10 redesigned classic toys to gift for Christmas

The Christmas Spirit is not about presents, but how can we not think about toys when it’s almost Christmas? Gifting toys is just as fun as receiving toys, and we spend quite some time looking around for the best ones. Today, we want to share with you 10 classic toys that have been reinvented by modern designers with great results: they make for excellent presents for kids, and please the parents as well.

1 – The Toy Car

We think the toy car will never go out of fashion: even in the future, when we’ll be flying around like the Jetsons, our children will surely still play with little cars. Hopefully, they will be like this wonderful vintage car by PlaySam.

2 – The Rocking Horse

We have always thought a rocking horse would be the best present for a child – second only to a pony, perhaps. However, that was until we saw this fluffy rocking sheep! It rocks, it’s soft, and it’s pink (there are black and white versions too)! We want one.

3 – The Wooden Blocks

This is a beautiful new take on classic wooden blocks. The traditional cubes have been updated with a delicate, engraved illustration to make it simple, yet exquisite.

4 – The Toy Train

Toy trains are by far the best means of transportation to dreamland: they are designed to be used to fantasize about long journeys. This special toy train designed by Ricardo Seola accompanies the dreaming with a soundtrack that the train itself creates when running on tracks.

5 – The Spinning Top

Spinning tops are amongst the simplest and most beautiful objects ever invented. We love this Bauhaus redesign that, in addition to being bright and fun to play with, teaches your kids (and you) the theory of colors.

6 – The Teddy Bear

This reinvention of the Teddy Bear in the popular Japanese knitting style Amigurumi is the perfect union between softness, super cuteness and latest trends!

7 – The Dollhouse

We’ve already mentioned Roominate, and although there is no shortage of wonderful dollhouses, we still prefer this toy for future engineers to any other.

8 – The Xylophone

Every generation of kids loved the colorful xylophone! This evergreen source of music – or, ahem, noise – and joy has been transformed in a table (much like the dollhouse here). Don’t you want it?

 9 – Etch-A-Sketch

If there isn’t a designer version of Etch-a-Sketch yet (however, how many little designers started their career on it?), there sure is the Etch-a-Sketch inspired iPad case! Perfect to hold your iPad as you and your kids enjoy Timbuktu!

 10 – Tobbles

Why having a wooden tower made of rings when you can have one made of round, challenging curved shapes?  This is a lot more fun to play with (and not so easy, parents!).