Timbuktu releases a NEW app about Italian Pizza! Get it for free now!

We’re proud to announce the new app by Timbuktu: Oscar Pizza Chef!

If you like pizza, this app is what you’ve been waiting for. A fun game, with an amazing, original soundtrack (thanks Elettra Bargiacchi), to learn what’s *really* on 10 classic Italian pizzas. It’s FREE, in English and – of course – Italian, for iPhone and iPad! Get it now!

Oscar Pizza Chef Timbuktu

Pick a pizza from the menu, read the recipe and drag the right ingredients on your pizza, bake it and then serve it to the inflexible judge Eegor the monster. He’s going to sniff your pizza: if you did well, he’ll devour it. If your pizza didn’t meet his high standards… he’s going to throw it at your face!

oscar pizza app kids timbuktu

The kids who tried this app loved it more than we can say. In a couple of days they learned by heart the recipes of the most classic Italian pizzas! What are you waiting for, get it for free on the app Store!

oscar pizza app timbuktu eegor