These toys have secrets.

Did you know that Yoda is studying English grammar? Or that the penguins are concerned about something they read in TIME magazine? And that the recession is hitting Star Wars too?

All pictures courtesy of Marcos Minuchin

There’s a place to keep up with these updates, and it’s the newly updated site of Secret Life of Toys (SLT).

An extremely important project started in 2009 by Marcos Minuchin to document how toys spend their time when they are away from the spotlight, SLT sheds some light on the intimate lives of the heroes of many children (and adults), exposing their hobbies, desires, fears and worries.

From Spiderman to Elmo to – yes – Ghostbuster’s Slimer: they all have a secret life, and Minuchin is on it.

And yes, through his investigative reporting,  Minuchin also caught a certain President who moonlights as a superhero.