The 5 best children stories in Timbuktu [November]

It’s been almost a month since the launch of the new version of Timbuktu. It’s time for us to list your 5 favorite November stories and make sure you didn’t miss any of them!

1. THE 19.31 TRAIN – The scariest story in the history of fear [11/31]

Your finger is a torch that brings to light Charlie’s story. On Halloween night, he jumped on a train that left 1 minute earlier than usual… read the story to find out where Charlie was brought. Also, be careful! Touching some of the words will play scary sounds and voices!

2. SPACE ODYSSEY – Drive your rocket through the space.

Illustrated by Olimpia Zagnoli and with the sound design of Elettra Bargiacchi. Move your iPad to hit the objects floating in the sky, and let us know what’s your highest score!


3. SECRET TUNNELS GARDEN – The venue for the Annual Cartoon Convention in Timbuktu [11/17]

Part of the amazing collection of paper toys inspired to the city of Timbuktu and realized by Bomboland (an artistic duo from Lucca – Tuscany). A great story and fun activity to spend one hour per week playing with your kids whilst building a beautiful city.

4. BELLO AT THE AMUSEMENT PARK – Or how math can save pocket money from thieves. [11/15]

Bello is a detective umbrella who likes taking long walks on rainy nights. He uses math to solve his cases, but he sometimes needs some help to figure out what’s going on. This time, he needs to help the poor Peter, who was robbed at the Amusement park.

5. THE GOODS – How to avoid a shower + 9 things 9 Presidents never ever said [11/23]

Funny, whimsical, cool. This is our favorite episode of The Goods. Listen to the odd voices of the Presidents by tapping on their heads.


Stay tuned! For December, we have amazing Christmas games and stories lined up.  One surprise each day. You don’t want to miss ANY of them. Still no Timbuktu on your iPad? GET IT NOW!