Teddy bears falling from the sky!

On July 4th, it was raining Teddy bears in Belarus. No, really:

Images via Studio Total.


It was a campaign ideated by Swedish agency Studio Total for the organization Charter’97 to raise awareness about the lack of freedom of speech in Belarus, a country we don’t often hear much about.

“After all, we prosper in a world that writes 8000 articles about our “the-worlds-biggest iPod-dock”. A world that, last month only, wrote 109 000 articles about Kim Kardashian and 79 on the belarusian opposition,” says the studio, explaining where the need for the campaign originated from.

The Teddy bear rain – which by the way happened thanks to a violation of the belarusian airspace – sure caught the attention of the press, which in turn will hopefully get more people aware of the human rights issues in a country that’s often dubbed as “the last dictatorship in Europe.”

Well done to the agency for coming up with such a surreal, fun, and impactful campaign. And to use the power a sweet symbol (Teddy bears) to spread a message about a truly important issue.



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