Teach kids programming? There’s an app for that.

It’s never too early to learn programming. And, as we were just saying, what better way to teach it than through a game?

Of course, there is one. For iPad.

Video and images via Cargo-Bot

Cargo-Bot, a project by Two Lives Left, is a game that only seems to be about sorting wooden crates, but is actually – as psfk points out – about learning the basics of programming: not to write in a different language, not to know the code, but to be able to forethink the complete series of steps that will make a specific action possible.

Right now, the goal may be to lift and move colored crates on an iPad. But in a few years, it will probably be to program a teleportation device!

And to add an extra layer of awesomeness (and geekiness) to the project, Cargo-Bot is the first game programmed entirely on an iPad, using Codea.

Download the game from the app store (it’s free) and happy playing, happy programming, happy future.




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