Take a look at the new Issue of Timbuktu Magazine!

Have you downloaded the new Timbuktu Magazine? If you haven’t (what are you waiting for?) here’s a quick recap of the main improvements you’ll find:

1) No social sharing

2) No Bubbles (a simple, very convenient subscription: $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year!)

3) A brand new Grown-ups zone to explain what the Timbuktu project is all about

4) A set of new amazing characters: each one of them is associated to a particular subject!

5) Common Core State Standards aligned activities

6) More interactive stories and games

7) Monthly issues, instead of daily updates (to give kids the possibility to go back to the stories they love, before publishing the new ones!)

8) A brighter, even more awesome design!

Take a look at this video for a sneak peek of the new issue!