SPECIAL CHRISTMAS CONTEST: What would you ask Santa Claus?

Despite his extremely busy schedule, Santa Claus has agreed to do a radio interview with Timbuktu!

Guess who is going to choose what questions we will ask? YOU, with Timbuktu’s fantastic Christmas contest!

Participating is very simple.

1) First of all, think about the questions you would like to ask Santa –  as many as you want!

2) Post them on Twitter with the hashtag #interviewSanta.

3) We’ll post on the blog the best questions we receive. At the end of the contest, we’ll select the best ten. If one of those questions is yours, congratulations – you are the WINNER!

What do you win?

Well, first off, you’ll win free access to all of Timbuktu’s stories, games, and amazing surprises for an entire year.

Plus, YOU get to ask the question to Santa. On Christmas Day, you will hear Santa’s answer to your question (and all the others) on Timbuktu!

Excited? Come on, waste no time and start posting questions: the more you share, the more chances you have to win.



Merry christmas to you from Timbuktu 5000 miles away There's no snow here, no reindeer Just sand and sun all day No tinsel cards or mince pies that those enjoy at home, But I sleep under starry skies, As Africa I roam. keep up the good work


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