Saving the world. One game at a time.

We feel like we never repeat this enough: games can be so much more than just games. Remember GameDesk, for instance, or Cargo-Bot?  The educational potential in game playing is immense – it’s a perfect form of learning while doing, and having the best time!

Games can have an incredible impact on people and the world – help save it, even, as Jane McGonigal explains in this great TED talk.

And since we are always looking for examples of great games that make the world a better place, we were super happy to find a whole list of them, on TED Blog.

From FoldIt, the famous game about protein folding which helped tremendously in the research against AIDS, to games that teach how to manage your finances or communicate with people who speak different languages, these 10 games are a sure source of fun and learning – and certainly not just for kids.

Keep playing!


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