Olympians. And Mothers.

No, we are not talking about the athletes’ mothers (however do watch this heartwarming ad about them, if you haven’t yet).

We are talking about the athletes of London 2012 who are moms too! They are a truly special kind of working mothers.

Can a woman have children and still compete in the Olympics? Yes. Can she do it well?  Oh yes she can.

Kristin Armstrong, cyclist who won a gold medal and held her 22-month-old son Lukas on the podium, knows it for sure. And so does hurdler Lashinda Demus, mother of twins, who is coached by her own mother. Or Kara Goucher, who ran the marathon yesterday. 

They are truly inspirational characters, and documentary storytellers Jen Pottheiser and Danielle Elliot are capturing their stories and the London 2012 adventure in a documentary series called Olympic Moms, which we are definitely looking forward to seeing.

We would also like to see a similar one about Olympian dads! Have you seen any dads celebrating their success at the Olympics with their kids? Or dedicating their victories to them? Share their stories with us, we’d love to know!