Objects from the modern British childhood at the V&A.

It looks like historic exhibitions on childhood are a bit of a trend lately – and certainly a trend we like!

If you happen to be in New York, remember to go check out the amazing Century of the Child at MoMA. And if, instead, you are in London Town, there is a fun show (check out the slide show – funny captions) opening on Saturday, October 13th, and up all the way till April 14th 2013 at the V&A Museum of Childhood.

These are not actually part of the show, but Sylvanian Families will be represented.

The exhibition, titled Modern British Childhood, explores issues and objects related with childhood – education, healthcare (an old pair of prescription glasses for kids are part of the display, for instance), technology – and shows the development that affected everything related to childhood from mid 20th century to today.

The past sixty-odd years have been a time of great changes for children and childhood, and the generations went through seriously different objects, games, experiences.

Go see the show to check out what you recognize yourself in, and share with us the pictures of what makes you think about your childhood most – we can’t wait to have our own gallery of vintage childhood awesomeness!




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