Newsletter guest editor: Munaria!

After our friends from They Draw & Cook, we’re excited to introduce our next newsletter’s guest editor, Munaria.

The work of Bruno Munari®, famous Italian artist and researched in didactic and educational methods, is what originated and inspired Munaria. Since the past twenty years, Munaria has followed Munari’s playful and extremely creative methods and organized super fun educational workshops for children (and adults) around the world.

Their aim is to help kids discover how creativity works… through playing (which is the best way to discover anything!). Children love their activities, and so do parents and teachers. Their workshops are all about thinking, creating, and making – with colors, signs, books, nature, new media, textures, colors, words…

And next week, in our newsletter, Michela Dezzani, researcher and educator from Munaria, will share with you a few special ideas for fun and educational activities you can do with your kids.

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Hello. I would love to read this newsletter and the next one. Is there a way to access past newsletters?


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