Newsletter guest editors: Ruggero Poi & Annalisa Perino.

Nothing like two new guest editors for our newsletter to start September with excitement!

Starting next week, Ruggero Poi and Annalisa Perino will share with you three activities about the senses to do with your kids.

This wonderful illustration is from “My Five Senses,” an illustrated book published in 1962 by Aliki.

Ruggero and Annalisa have been working extensively on education and art: they are both teachers who follow the Montessori method and Ruggero, who worked with renowned Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, is one of the founders of Associazionediidee, an upcoming Italian brand producing furniture and toys designed to improve children’s cognitive development.

In their newsletters, they will share three activities to do with your kids to work on the senses of smell, hearing and sight – we hope you enjoy!


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