It’s never too late for LEGO.

Do you think LEGO is child’s play?

Change your mind right away. As Hillel Cooperman says in this TED talk, “the Dark Ages are the time between when you put away the Legos for the last time as a kid, and [when] you decide as an adult that it is okay to play with a kid’s toy.”

Now, we think it’s perfectly fine to play with “traditional” LEGO, so imagine how excited we got when we discovered that there are people doing massive LEGO sculptures!

Something like this, for instance.

Images via Architizer.

Ryan McNaught, aka The Brick Man, is a LEGO wizard. He makes brilliant LEGO mosaics and sculputers, and built the most incredible LEGO Colosseum for the Nicholson Museum in Melbourne, Australia.

Pretty amazing, uh?

Do you ever play with LEGO (by yourself, or with your kids?). What is the most impressive thing you have ever built? It doesn’t have to be a 200 000 little bricks masterpiece – that’s how many were needed for the Colosseum!



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