Every single page of Moby Dick. Illustrated.

Today is Herman Melville’s birthday. He was born on August 1st, 1819 – happy happy!

This is an excellent excuse to pick up Moby Dick, one of our all-time favorite books. It’s always so nice to read parts of it, or the whole thing, again.

But you know what’s possibly better? A collection of 552 incredible illustrations for the classic, one for each page of the Signet Classics paperback edition.

All images courtesy of Matt Kish.

With an incredible variety of styles, illustrator Matt Kish, who lives in Ohio with his wife and two frogs, selected a quote from each page of the classic and translated it into an image. The project took 552 days and resulted in a fantastic book.

The drawings, often on scrap paper (which make us curious about its origin: accounting sheets? Sketchbooks?) are amazing, and, of course, so are the words they are inspired by.

It’s a truly wonderful way to “read” the book again, going through each picture and associated quote.