A toy store full of boxes full of… boxes!

Remember Caine, the kid who created his own game arcade out of cardboard? If you liked his story, here is another story you will probably enjoy.

It’s the one of Mister Imagine’s Toy Store, an incredibly innovative toy store attached to Chicago Children’s Museum. We’ve spoken about amazing toys stores before, but this is just something else.

What’s innovative about Mister Imagine’s Toy Store is that it doesn’t carry any toys. Instead of them, it sells cardboard boxes. Nothing else. No instructions, no decorations, nothing.

Just plain cardboard boxes.

All pictures curtesy of Mister Imagine’s Toy Store

Chicago Children’s Museum has always worked to connect education and play, and to celebrate its 30th anniversary, it decided to become all about cardboard boxes.

The museum hosts a show titled “Unboxed, Adventures in Cardboard,” where kids can explore nine-foot tall cardboard giants and cardboard mazes. And Mister Imagine’s Toy Store, conceptualized by the museum in collaboration with EnergyBBDO / Xi Chicago, sells cardboard boxes with the intend of saving “real play” and enable the kids to create whatever they like and let their imagination run wild.

And so, although the shop doesn’t actually sell any toy, it sells any toy a child can imagine, and create (and not just toys, even bicycles can be made out of cardboard!).



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