Illustrated recipes to try with your kids this summer.

Ah, summer vacations. Fun times: kids around the house and parents desperate for ideas on how to entertain them!

But worry not, we’ll be here all summer to share fun ideas for things to do so your kids won’t get bored, you won’t lose your mind, and will you both have a good time.

In case you missed it, we’ve shared some wonderful classic rare books online you and your kids could read together, or alternatively you could write and illustrate a book, go see some fun art or, well, go to all the way to Denmark to explore the most fantastic playgrounds out there.

And here’s another option: how about cooking with your kids? We are not talking about some normal food making, but about wonderful cooking with illustrated recipes from all over the world.

All images via They Draw & Cook

They Draw & Cook is the go-to place for that. Started by Salli and Nate, a sister and brother who like illustrating and cooking, the site has the largest collection of yummy illustrated recipes online.

You can search the archive by ingredients, by types of dish… and even by illustration styles. What a fantastic way to get your children interested and excited about what’s for dinner! And we bet it’s much easier to convince them to eat broccoli when it looks like this:

And you know what’s even better? There is an entire section dedicated to muffins!

Happy cooking, bon appétit, and send us pictures of your illustration-based dinner!



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