Healthy, Illustrated Recipes for Parents and Kids

There is special content at Timbuktu today: it’s the first illustrated recipe without boring operations, and we decided to start with an awesome Eggplant Pie, illustrated by the wonderful Lydia Nichols. Being aware of what you eat and how you cook is necessary to raise healthy, responsible kids.

That is why we care A LOT about good recipes, and we want you to try them for many reasons:

1. We tried every single recipe and we know they are not just beautiful, they’re also DELICIOUS. (It was a tough job, but someone…)

2. Cooking together is great: it allows kids to build a healthier relationship with food, and it can be fun!

3. Time management is always a huge problem when it comes to family life. Parents would always like to have more time to play with their kids. Cooking dinner together is a great way to optimize your family time.

4. The recipes on Timbuktu are healthy: lots of vegetables, fish, and no fat foods. Most importantly, even if they are healthy, they are tasty and fun!

5. We have great, fun facts about the food you cook! (Did you know eggplants are not vegetables? They’re fruit! Properly speaking, they’re berries.)

[Recipes are just one of the new features you’ll find on Timbuktu!]


Instilling a healthy mindset in your kids from the start is extremely important; it can set them up for an entire life of healthy choices. Your children may advance their healthy mindset earlier than we previously thought! Recent research in the New England Journal of Medicine illustrated that a child's "weight fate" is determined by age 5.


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