How photography can boost your kids’ creativity

Great photographers show us the world in a different way. They give importance to details we don’t normally notice and uncover new meanings and surprising connections. That’s exactly what kids do as they grow up: they try to give meaning to reality, and since they don’t know many things, they use their imagination and combine information in a very creative way. As we become more knowledgeable, most of us lose this amazing capability. Introducing your kids to photography can be a great way to encourage their creative look at the world, have fun together, and enjoy the amazing opportunity of seeing the world from their point of view.

We put together some tips:

1) DON’T BE AFRAID: Even if you are not a professional photographer, your pictures can come out perfectly! You can start experimenting with your kids, select different options, and learn together from your experiments. Share your thoughts about how you’re experimenting, and comment together on the results (even if they’re bad!).

2) WORK ON A SMALL PROJECT: If you just take pictures of whatever is around you, soon you’ll get bored. Pick a theme and agree to work together on a small project like shadows, fruits in unusual places, hidden life at the park, or self portraits in the city. [Every week in Timbuktu, you’ll find amazing ideas for your projects!]

3) PAY ATTENTION TO THE RESULTS: Look at the pictures you shot together, and try to learn something from each of them. How is the light? How about the composition? How could you make it better?

4) ORGANIZE AN EXHIBITION: Deadlines always help to get things done! Invite your friends and family, choose the best pictures, then print them out and organize your vernissage. What are you going to wear? What is the title of the exhibition going to be? Can you think of foods that match the theme of the exposition?

5) GET A BOOK: You are almost ready to become a real photographer! It’s time to get some help to deal with the technical stuff. We found “Better Photo Basics” to be a great handbook!

6) SEND YOUR CREATIONS TO TIMBUKTU! Every week, we host an awesome photo gallery, which is open to the contributions of our users! Just send your pictures with a small description. This is what Tom and his family did last week:

An earlier snow left us nothing to do,

So we went for a walk at the Calgary Zoo.

I’m glad for my iPad, having read Timbuktu;

If you live near the Rockies, these are “wild” near you too!




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