Girl engineer needed to build a dollhouse.

What is that children want to do when they grow up is for sure one of the top ten questions asked by those who’ve already grown up to ask. Unfortunately, not very often a girl’s answer is that they want to become an engineer, or scientist. Gender stereotypes and their influence are still pretty strong and girls are expected not to like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), so too often they are just not exposed to these subjects.

But something is coming to the rescue of the girl-engineers to be. And, even better, it’s a toy!

Image via Roominate.

It’s called Roominate and it’s a dollhouse with an important difference: it has to be built from scratch. Envisioning, designing, building the structure and wiring are the fundamental part of the game, and only once that’s done decorating and all the frilly stuff can happen.

After its success on Kickstarter, Roominate is in production and will be ready for delivery from December. Get it now, it’s a great back-to-school present for your daugher; there is a waiting list, but you can get in line here – it’s definitely worth it.


Mary Horsley
Mary Horsley

Wow! I am always so ahead of the game. 12-15 years ago I used to teach dollhouse making classes using cardboard and found objects and sometimes a wooden cube. Best class! The girls designed some beautiful rooms and furniture. I am glad o see a company doing this. I wish I had marketed it :).


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