Gay filmmakers help Boy Scouts change their policy about homosexuality

There are about 2.7 million Boy Scouts in the United States, people between 7 and 21 years old. Since 1991, the Boy Scouts of America has barred openly gay individuals from participating in its program at any level.

Recently, though, the leadership of the Boy Scouts of America recommended to its governing board to cease banning gay young people from participating in Scouting. It may look like a turning point, but there comes the second part of the story. Boy Scouts’ ban on gay people should be dropped ONLY for young members, but NOT for adults. It means that a young person can be accepted in the organization if he/she’s openly gay, but they cannot become scout leaders when they grow up.

As you may expect, the proposal raised many critiques.

A very interesting project was launched three days ago by gay filmmaker and Eagle Scout Todd Bieber. It’s called Scouts for Equality. In their own words:

Scouts for Equality is leading a respectful, honest dialogue with current and former Scouts and Scout Leaders about ending this policy. By embodying the values of the Scout Oath and Law, we believe we can restore the social relevancy of one of this country’s great cultural institutions: the Boy Scouts of America.

Take a look at the project Todd realized bringing together a group of Boy Scouts and a group of gay filmmakers.