Fun art shows to enjoy with your kids

If you are looking for something cool to do with your kids on the weekend, here are some art around the world to check out – you’ll both have fun.

Paris, France

Although it gets heavy at times, contemporary art can be a lot of fun to experience with your kids. If you are in Paris, take a trip to the Palais de Tokyo, which is now open with its new exhibition spaces. Have a look at La Triennale: Intense Proximité, where you can take pictures of your kids (and yourself) with awesome, massive images from tropical forests as background, and see an early XX century collection of images of African masks. Or you can go straight to the source of fun, Ulla von Brandenburg’s Death of a King, a colourful space where your kids will love to jump and run (and scream!).

Palais de Tokyo

And for a final wow effect, don’t miss La Grotte Stellaire by Julien Salaud (yes, we told you, wow):

La Grotte Stellaire

London, UK

Remember when we told you about the wonderful new edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Yayoi Kusama? There is an exhibition of her work at the Tate Modern: it’s full of dots and colours and brightness, we are sure the whole family will get out of there in a great mood and a little dizzy (in a good way).

Picture via You’ll Miss Me

If you have time after that, consider taking the kids to Damien Hirst‘s show: parts of it may be a bit too strong for the youger ones but there is a tropical room full of butterflies flying around – we bet the kids will like that a lot.

New York City, US

There is a show at the Guggenheim which is all about children! It’s called A Year With Children and it’s the results of Learning Through Art, a project in collaboration with New York public schools: about a hundred of the best artworks created by  school children are displayed at the show. We must say they are pretty impressive.

Or you can always just walk outside the New Museum on a sunny day and enjoy the view of Isa Genzken‘s gorgeous rose, standing tall on the façade.

Picture by Noel Y.C.

Tokyo, Japan

Are you in Tokyo? Lucky! The Foundation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain has organised a brilliant show by all round visual talent Takeshi Kitano at the Tokyo Opera City:  it’s predicatbly a pop, funny and slightly surreal exhibition, full of games and tricks that humurously comment on the world of contemporary art. What’s not to like about it? Your kids will laugh too.


New Delhi, India

Finally, if you are in Delhi and willing to face the heat, pick an early morning or late afternoon and make your way south to Extension Khirkee, a great street art festival which is a bit of a treasure hunt for art in a hectic, fun, and (of course!) very crowded neighbourhood. Don’t forget to have icecream (we recommend keiser kulfi) to cool the family down as you explore.



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