Founder of Khan Academy is one TIME’s 100 most influential people

In 2006, Salman Khan, a man with three MIT degrees and an MBA from Harvard, started something new. The story goes that he was tutoring his cousin and made some doodles to help her understand better, and that those doodled tutorials became so popular that he opened a YouTube channel for them.

Then, in 2009, he started dreaming bigger. He founded Khan Academy, an incredible online video library, source of a true world-class education. For free. For everyone.

Khan Academy’s videos have now been watched by millions of kids (and adults) and there have been pilot classes in California, with teachers using the video from the Academy in the classrooms. The results are really promising.

This could be a great revolution for making high-quality education accessible, and this is why Salman Khan has been selected by TIME as one of the 100 most influential people of 2012. Congratulations!

(One more reason to like Khan Academy: they are our neighbor in Mountain View!