A goat, its three kids and a (cheating!) wolf. In Afghanistan’s first computer-animated movie!

“Buz-e-Chini,” (The Goat) is a 3D animated movie by Abbas Ali, a graphic designer and cartoon lover from Afghanistan who found refuge in Pakistan when the Taliban took over his country. He started working on the movie while away, and after the end of the Taliban regime went back to Afghanistan and finished the project.

Based on a traditional folk tale about a goat and its three kids being cheated by a wolf, the animated movie is set in Bamiyan. And at least in the realm of imagination (and in that of memory), in the cartoon the amazing sixth-century Buddha statues – destroyed by the Taliban in 2001 – are still standing.

The movie, says the director, was made to spread a message of peace and to preserve the heritage of Afghan culture.

Initially illegally distributed through DVDs and video cassettes, the movie has then legally been shown around the country – one of the first viewing was organised in a cave in Bamiyan – and is now available to be watched online (with English subtitles). We think it should definitely be in the list of cartoons to watch this summer.

Isn’t it fantastic when art, creativity, history, technology and tradition can come together and create something beautiful and important?

Especially when it involves a singing goat!