The fastest teenage girl in the United States

Candace Hill is the fastest teenage girl in the United States.

Last June, she sprinted 100 meters in less than 11 seconds (10.98 to be exact) and was suddenly good enough not only to qualify for next summer’s Rio Olympics, but to potentially win a medal there.

Now, at age 16, she has become the youngest track athlete in the United States to turn professional.

Which means that from now on, instead of running high school races, she will enter the international racing circuit, competing for financial prizes against the world’s fastest runners.


There are 4 reasons why we like Candace so much:

1. Her potential is considered so massive that she could soon become the fastest woman in the world.

2. She has a 4.6 grade-point average and top 10 class ranking in her high school.

3. She’s from Georgia.

4. She likes to take selfies with Usain Bolt.

When interviewed by the New York Times, she said:

“I still get nervous whether it’s a local meet or one on the world stage. Because you never know what’s going to happen. You never know how much better you can get“.

Here’s to Candace then!

Here’s to being gifted in both mind and body.

Here’s to how much better you can get.