Education is not a game. Or is it?

Learn math through game development. Create an app to understand photosynthesis. Figure out thermal energy with gameplaying.

Wouldn’t that be every child’s (and many parent’s) dream? Except it’s not a dream, it’s a true story by GameDesk.

A nonprofit research organization, GameDesk develops new models of education which use game development and gameplay as learning strategies. Because it’s easier to understand and remember the rules of math when you need them to create a game. And the principles of aerodynamics aren’t as complicated when you see them in action while controling an albatros’ flight on your iPad.

GameDesk has been operating for four years in various schools of the Los Angeles area with tremendous results, and the coming fall will launch the New School Model, a lab-school and community hub “from which 21st century skills, technology, content, and teaching culture will be built, implemented, and scaled for nationwide adoption.”

This looks like a way towards the kind of future we like to imagine and we can’t wait to see more projects by GameDesk!


Hi! Thank you so much for mentioning us! Wanted to give you an updated link for the New School Model called PlayMaker: We will also be launching a separate PlayMaker school website soon. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with anyone in house for interviews. Happy Friday Joy


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