Coloring the city good.

Wouldn’t you love it if this bulding were in your neighborhood?

Picture via T Magazine

And imagine if there were 100 more just round the corner!

That’s the story of Germantown Avenue, in Philadelphia, where artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn (aka Haas&Hahn) are at work to transform the area into a huge public artwork which incorporates existing structures – storefronts, windows, a few Art Deco details – into a huge, fantastic murales. The project is called Philly Painting we can’t wait to see it finished – because it will be beautiful and because we know it will completely change the vibe of the drab, crime-ridden neighbourhood: it’s the power of colors, remember?

We are sure these buildings will do wonders to the area, because Haas&Hahn have already shown their magic with similar projects. For instance Favela Painting, which they started a few years ago and is one of our favourite ideas ever. They take a favela, and turn it into this:

Images via Favela Painting.

So what was perhaps a gray, maybe ugly and possibly dangerous place to live, becomes beautiful. And when you play football with your friends, it looks like this:

Awesome, right? If you could pick a building or area in your town for a bright art intervention, which would it be? And how would you like it to look like?



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