Children’s Eyes on Earth, a contest for kids’ photographs on the environment.

Children are artists, they are art critics and they can be toy designers too. That’s not all of course, and here is an initiative that shows how kids can be great photographers too.

SOS, Anastasya Vorobko, 8, Russia, First Prize Winner, Children’s Eyes on Earth 2012

Children’s Eyes on Earth is a photography contest for children that was launched this year with the scope of letting kids expose the environmental issues they found most important. Two were the contest’s themes, “I Love Nature” and “I Fear Pollution,” and hundreds of submissions were received from all over the world – the best 100 of them will be shown in an exhibition in Baku, Azeirbajan.

Anastasya, the eight-year-old whose picture you see above, won the first prize and, together with the winners of the second and third prize and prize of the public, will attend the exhibition opening in Baku on the last week of November. Check out the winning photographs in the gallery, and check out the other impressive submissions on the contest’s website.