Celebrities at your fingertips.

“Dito” means “finger” in Italian. And Dito von Tease (nice nickname, right?) is the pseudonym of an Italian artist who authored a very peculiar body of work: a collection of portraits of famous characters from history, literature, art, pop-culture and more painted on fingertips (we’ve all tried this once, but probably with less striking results!).

This is Dito Mozart, for instance:

All images courtesy of Ditology.com

He looks great, doesn’t he?

Ditology, the collection of Dito’s images, came about unexpectedly. The first portrait was created to be used as a Facebook profile picture:¬†the author literally wanted to himself behind a finger to protect his privacy! The rest is history.

Check out the gallery to see some of the best of Dito, and visit his website: you can keep this as an inspiration for next time you decide to entertain your kids by painting faces on your fingertips and using them as characters!