Best vintage Christmas commercials

Christmas is the time for love, family, good food and… nostalgia. This is why we thought you’ll enjoy our list of the best vintage Christmas commercials of all times!

To get in the Christmas spirit, you can try watching these commercials, or doing some of these things (it’s not too late!).

1) Mac Donald’s gifts certificate, 1975

2) Lucky Strike, 1950 (Who would ever give cigarettes as gift now? Things are getting better!)

3) Folgers Coffe, 1970s

4) Atari, 1981 (E.T. Christmas)

5) Nabisco Oreo Cookies, 1987

6) Kellogs’ Cornflakes, 1989

7) Hallmark, 1990s

We wish that you all can be with your families this Christmas. Tomorrow, on Timbuktu AND on this blog, an exclusive interview to Santa Claus, with the kids who took part to the #interviewSanta contest.