Best indie songs for kids

If you’re tired of listening over and over again to bubblegum songs for kids, know that you have an alternative. Indie music for kids, “Kindie” is becoming a respected genre (there’s also a Kindie Festival in Brooklyn!) and some great bands have recorded amazing songs that you and your kids will love. Here’s a small selection of our favorites, but we’re trying to create a compilation and would love to get some help from you!

What are your favorites kindie bands/songs? Ours are:

1) WEEZER – All my friends are insects

Look at the Weezer! They rock! (Even in insects’ costumes!)

2) THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Meet the elements

Basically, a love song to chemistry. We must confess we love chemistry so much, that this songs sometimes makes us cry.


3) THE SHINS – It’s ok try again

AKA Paradise for hipster parents. [The TV show is Yo Gabba Gabba]


 4) BARENAKED LADIES – The other day I met a bear

Possibly, the stickiest song we’ve ever heard. We went on singing it for one week!


5) FREDDY TURBINA – Equilibrio Espiritual

Spanish speakers, this amazing song is for you. From the wildly creative Chilean TV show “31 Minutos”, one of our favorites.

Add your favorite kindie bands in the comments!


This is my favourite kindie band :) Laura


Karen O And The Kids! All is Love!


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