Top ten back-to-school picks for your kids!

Summer’s gone and school is back. Which, to be honest, we think is pretty exciting. And it’s sure exciting to prepare all the things your kids need for a successful school year – here is our selection of ten awesome things we think you should get.

First of all, a backpack.

There are endless choices of backpacks out there, and it’s not easy to pick one, but we did fall for Alexander the Robot – understandable, right? You can find it online here, as well as similar backpacks with other equally cute characters. 

Then, a lunch bag.

The offer of lunch bags is pretty wide too, but we decided to choose this one, which is fun and practical – it’s insulated, water resistant and keeps your food cool.


Our passion for pencils knows no boundaries, so when we had to pick the best for you we decided to get a few.

These are 500, repeat 500 pencils of different colors, that you can get from the Japanese company Felissimo. The best part is they come as a subscription: you – we mean, your kids – get a new box of 25 wonderful colored pencils every month!

An eraser or two.

With all those pencils, your kids had better have a couple of erasers. These are a classic and we love them – you can get them here.


And a pencil case, of course.

Although it won’t hold all 500 pencils (it’s actually the perfect size for a normal amount of pens and co.) we love this pencil case – nice eh?

You can get it here, and of course it can be customized with your child’s name or whatever else you want to “write” on it.

Speaking of writing, if you are a subscriber of our newsletter (Are you not? What are you waiting?), you already know how to make the most incredible notebooks. However, for everyone else, and because it’s hard to stay away from the temptation of buying new notebooks, we recommend these:

Bold colors, different sizes, they may be a little simple for the younger ones but we like that you can assign a different color to each school subject. Made by awesome We Are What We Do, each contains a simple good action both you and your kids can make.

And once you’ve assigned a notebook to a subject, put a label on it! Clearly, it’s much better if it’s one of these neat French vintage labels:

At home, what about a chalkboard? Or, even better, what about this elephant-shaped chalkboard wall sticker?

Much simpler to put up (and down) than a normal chalkboard, and just as much fun.

And something else you may want to put up on your wall for your kids is this:

Each letter of this alphabet chart represents a character of literature – A for Alice, R for Robin Hood, V for Voldemort. You can write to the illustrator (munna[at]munnaontherun[dot]com) to get one.

And finally… a camera!

And not just any camera, a LEGO digital, kid proof camera. Encourage your kids to document their days at school and to take up a little daily photograph project, it may take them far.