BabyList, your personalized baby registry checklist

We’ve all seen them. The standard baby registry checklist with every item you’re supposed to register for before your baby comes. But, the problem with that checklist is that many of the items don’t really apply to you. Maybe you’re cloth diapering? Maybe you need 2 car seats, not just one. Every family is different – different budgets, different lifestyles…

Well, the folks at BabyList agree and created a Baby Registry Checklist. How does it work?

Expectant moms take a fun, zippy quiz about where they live, budget, laundry, parenting plans. The responses are then crunched with over 600,000 items that have been added to BabyList baby registries and the result is a custom registry checklist, ready-to-go. And, with one click, you can turn your custom checklist into your baby registry on BabyList!

Want to give it a try? You can take the baby registry checklist quiz here.

Oh, and maybe this is your first time hearing about BabyList? BabyList is an online baby registry that works like Pinterest. Users may add any store to one baby registry. Want to register for items at Target, Babies R Us and Amazon? Great! Etsy too? Yes. What about personal favors, e.g. home cooked meals, dog walking, doula? That too! Maybe you wish BabyList were here a few years ago…tell your friends!