Are dads less sentimental than moms?

Well, that’s a tough question! Today, we posted on Playground Dad about the best 5 father and child scenes in movies or TV shows, so while you think about it, you can enjoy these incredibly emotional moments.

[You guessed it, keep tissues on hand.]

1. Meet Joe Black (1998)

It’s almost at the end of the movie, Bill Parrish is going to die soon and he talks to his daughter Susan telling her how important she’s been in his life.

2. The Wonder Years

Kevin is down and runs into his father to comfort him over his breakup with Winnie. A great example of how important it is to take children seriously.

3. Glee

The tv show that airs on Fox features a character, Burt Hummel, who has a thing or two to teach to dads. He’s an amazing dad and you’ll excuse the poor quality of the video, because the message he passes is so great. This is the scene where he has “the talk” with his gay son Kurt.

4. My Life (1993)

This great movie starring Michael Keaton is probably one of the most emotional movies about fatherhood I’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t know the story, you’re going to appreciate this moment.

5. October Sky (1999)

Sometimes we feel discouraged because our kids look so different from us. We feel like we’re never going to understand them. That’s the moment when you should watch this scene from “October Sky”.

Please, share in the comments your favorite father and child scenes from tv shows or movies!